WABI WHIFFS Toilet Bombs(Multiple Scents)


We all poo, some more than others and some more stinky but that doesn’t mean we can’t poo happy. Wabi Whiffs® Effervescing Toilet Sprinkles were created by sisters, Donna and Debbie, because of Debbie’s relentless gut health issues and poo anxiety that hindered her normally sociable spirit. Donna wanted to use her love of science and product development to give Debbie her freedom (and life) back. Inspired by their favorite childhood science project, Donna used the “exploding volcano” experiment to kick off their adventure. Using the effervescing lava concept to spread the natural essential oils over the toilet water, she mastered how to propel the fragrance quickly. Next, cosmetic grade color, biodegradable glitter and fragrant natural essential oils were added. The rest is toilet sprinkle magic.
Wabi Whiffs means “Beautiful Whiffs” coming from the Japanese word Wabi to embrace beauty’s imperfections. So, Love Your Badass. Be good to it even when it's naughty.