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Blowfish Boss sandal in arabian sand-rose gold
Blowfish Malibu Summer Sandals

April 09, 2021

Summer is coming and we can’t wait for you to wear your new Blowfish Malibu summer sandals! We sell several Blowfish sandal styles: the Brixy black sandal, the Boss sandal, the Blithe sandal and the Rosey B!

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Duke Cannon Big Ass Bar of Soap
Duke Cannon Supply Co.

April 02, 2021

The Shops SD now carries Duke Cannon Supply Co. products! The Duke Cannon brand is for decent, hard-working men and keeps them clean, smelling, and feeling good.

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Vegan skincare products from Buck Naked at The Shops SD
Buck Naked Soap Company

March 26, 2021

Buck Naked was born out of necessity. When the son of Buck Naked founders – Rina and John – developed skin irritations from traditional baby products, they realized they needed a truly natural alternative. Because necessity is the mother of all invention, the Chamomile & Calendula Soap was invented to help soothe their son’s skin.

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Myra Upcycled Canvas Bags
Myra Upcycled Canvas Bags

December 19, 2020

We think Myra upcycled canvas bags are one of the coolest products going right now. We carry a variety of styles: backpacks, wallets, crossbody bags, weekenders and shoulder bags. Here are a few reasons why we love carrying this product and why you’ll feel good about buying it.

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