December 19, 2020

Myra Upcycled Canvas Bags

Myra Upcycled Canvas Bags

We think Myra upcycled canvas bags are one of the coolest products going right now. We carry a variety of styles: backpacks, wallets, crossbody bags, weekenders and shoulder bags. Here are a few reasons why we love carrying this product and why you’ll feel good about buying it.

What makes a Myra upcycled canvas bag?

All Myra bags are all hand-crafted and are made from premium quality leather and recycled military tent procured from Indian forests. Myra only uses real buffalo leather and real hides in producing their bags.

The bags are made in India. There is a set of process in the creation of each bag which includes selection, washing, cutting, assembling, sewing, finishing, and then several standards for quality checks.

Myra upcycled canvas bags are made from military tents

Myra upcycled canvas bags are a treat for nature lovers.

The company has endeavored to bring style, elegance, sophistication and quality all under one roof and they are delighting folks with their bags made of nature-friendly canvas, leather and hides. The bags are eco-friendly because they use old military tents and re-cycled tarps. You’ll be making a difference whether you carry these bags to your office, to the market or to class!

About The Shops SD

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Myra upcycled canvas bags are sold at The Shops SD