Dakota Honey Co. BAR-BEE-CUE Sauce - 1 lb


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This homemade sauce was created by us in our kitchen using our honey! The sweet flavor with just a little spice is the perfect combination for any type of meat. 

The Dakota's are well known in the honey industry for making high quality honey. Our bees are located in South Central South Dakota. This area is uniquely diverse. It has a mixture of clover, alfalfa, sunflowers and various wildflowers found throughout our rolling plains. This makes for a very light-colored, sweet honey that most people comment on being some of the best honey they've ever tasted. 

We don't do anything special to our honey. We take care of our bees and give them the fuel they need to make their liquid gold! From there, the honey goes straight from our hives into the bottles that we sell to you. No filtering or blending. Just honey the way it should taste!