April 09, 2021

Blowfish Malibu Summer Sandals

Blowfish Boss sandal in arabian sand-rose gold

Summer is coming and we can’t wait for you to wear your new Blowfish Malibu summer sandals! We sell several Blowfish sandal styles: the Brixy black sandal, the Boss sandal, the Blithe sandal and the Rosey B! They are all super cute summer sandals and part of the 2021 Blowfish Malibu sandal collection.

About Blowfish

Blowfish Malibu was started when the founders teamed together to create a shoe brand that embodied the place they loved most: Malibu, California. For every season since, Blowfish Malibu has delighted shoe lovers with comfortable, on-trend styles.

Blowfish Blithe sandal in pewter

The end goal for Blowfish Malibu is simple: make quality, fashionable shoes and sell them at affordable prices. With their styles, they always strive to capture the fresh, youthful spirit and casual living that is distinctively Southern California.

What sets Blowfish Sandals apart?

  • Skilled, experienced, and forward-thinking designers
  • Obsession with comfort
  • On trend, original designs
  • Fresh and creative details
  • Quality shoes at affordable prices

Each Blowfish shoe collection is curated to reflect the fresh, laid-back aesthetic that defines the California lifestyle and honors the spirit of youth. The talented Blowfish team of designers interprets current global trends to bring the newest and hottest original styles to market. They pay careful attention to the details that add quality, style, and an unexpected twist to final designs.

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Blowfish Rosey B sandals