April 21, 2021

Little Jul jewelry

Little Jul mixed brown leather tassel earrings

We are so excited to carry Little Jul jewelry in our Shop. Little Jul jewelry consists of one-of-a-kind designs that are handmade in Richmond, VA.

Who is Little Jul

Little Jul jewelry is the creation of a wife, mother and artist in Glen Allen, VA. Her handmade, home-based business was established in 2018.  Encouraged as a child to explore a wide variety of creative experiences and art education, Little Jul’s founder continued to study and practice art in college and ultimately made it a part of her degree and work in the mental health field because of the tremendous therapeutic  power of creating. Creating is grounding and soothing and a gift.

Little Jul leather and turquoise bracelet

Little Jul’s current focus is on leather handbags and accessories created as one-of-a-kind art pieces.  Each of her jewelry pieces, and headbands, are unique.  Each one is it’s own little piece of original art, a little jewel intended to share some joy and light.